Brand : PURISS

What is Puriss?

Puriss is a combination of the sound of purity and essence, meaning the essence of purity.

Product concept : Healthy mineral spring water drawn from underground springs, with nature's balance of minerals.

Packing unit

Volume 12.5L 2.0L 900mL


Unit 1 12 20 20 30

Mineral-balanced water, the work of nature

What is Mineral-Balance?
Mineral balance refers to the state of water where the composition of dissolved minerals in water is in such perfect harmony that it tastes just right.

Composition Ca Na K Mg
m g/L 25.1 8.5 0.3 4.5
Have you ever felt burdened by a 18.9 L bottle?
Puriss 12.5 L is not so heavy, and any one can easily handle it.

 Ever felt uncomfortable with the safety of a 18.9 liter bottle when it takes too long for you to consume all the water in it?
Puriss reduced the volume to 12.5 liter out of consideration for consumers so that you may always drink fresh water by shortening the time taken to empty the bottle.

 Ever had trouble replacing a large-size bottle because of the water pouring out of the bottle?
Puriss 12.5L has a specially designed cap. You don't have to take off the cap, thus you do need to worry about water pouring outside the container.

 Ever been worried about contamination because the neck of the container touches the water inside or the water is exposed to air?
Puriss 12.5L put an end to those contamination worries by adopting a special cap and design change (water guard system).

 Ever felt burdened by the bottles because they take up too much space?
With Puriss 12.5 L, you get a safe multi-layered container shelf for free, reducing to a minimum the space needed for storing.