Brand Name


Volume 330ml, 500ml, 640ml, 355ml(Can),
Alcohol 4.5%
What makes
Hite special?
Hite keeps the freshness that comes from its cutting-edge MF (Micro Filtering) method, and clean taste
without bitterness made possible using a dry mill method which gets rid of malts.
It is the first no-heat-treatment beer in Korea, and is made with 100% pure rock bed ground water.
It is also the first beer to have a thermometer mark on its label, which tells you whether the beer inside is at the optimal temperature or not.
Rhythm beer is not an officially recognized brewery term. Rather, it is derived from a ' 3-stage rhythm method' to make it tastier for consumers. Normally, during the brewing process, the temperature suddenly drops to 0¡É from 13¡É between the fermentation and storing stages. Such sudden change in temperature shocks the yeast, and in the following processes the yeast remains inactive. Hite, however, uses a different method. Instead of the traditional fermentation-then-storage method, Hite has adopted the staged-fermentation by rhythmically controlling the temperature. This minimizes yeast shock, and keeps it at an optimum condition, enriching the flavor during storage. To put it simply, there is an additional 'buffering' stage to mitigate the yeast shock. In this new method, the temperature is not fixed. After much trial and error, the conclusion we reached was to set the temperature for the middle stage, or 'warm storage', considering the facilities, the shape and size of tanks, fermentation temperature, and all the other aspects and after scores of analyses and panel tests.







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