Brand Name


Volume 300ml, 360ml
(Emerald Green / Round glass)

20% , 21% (diluted distilled liquor)

Package unit 6 or 20 bottles (for home use),
30 bottles (for home and stores)
First marketed : November 1, 2000
Hite Macbansuk Soju was the first to adopt a bio-stone filtering process.

After 4 filtering processes, the liquor is once again filtered through bio-stone, making the soju milder and cleaner. By doubling the amount of asparagines, the main elements in bean sprouts, the soju promises a delighful morning the next day by preventing hangovers.

Macbansuk Soju has 20% and 21% alcoholic contents, making it soft and easy to drink.

Its quality is guaranteed by Hite's technology. (The top 4 brewery doctors at Hite launched the development of the soju in March 1997, right after Hite acquired Bobae Soju). After 3 years and 4 months of dedication, Hite, which has the best brewing technology and know-how, finally unveiled its masterpiece, Hite Macbansuk Soju. The soju itself speaks for Hite's technology and it is the pride of Hite Brewery.