Sir Lancelot was one of the Knight of the Round Table. Lancelot and the other Knights helped King Arthur, who became King by drawing the famous Excalibur from a stone, and they together launched on the Quest for the Holy Grail. Lancelot was a man who loved being free and was the greatest fighter and swordsman among the knight of the Round table. King Arthur asked him to be his 'First Knight' Which was the highest honor. As Arthur's First Knight, Lancelot won many holy wars and was revered by many people as symbol of success and courage. Unfortunately, Lancelot could not escape from felling in love with Geinevere, Arthur's Queen, and this affair eventually forced him to leave the King. Later, however, when King Arthur died in a war and his body was moved to Avalon, Lancelot suddenly call me back from hermitage. He kept his faith to king Arthur by guarding the king's grave until he died. This nobel act became the example of honorable chivalry, and people help him in the highest respect.

Lancelot 12 Years Old

(350ml/ 500ml/ 700ml)
A premium Scotch whiskey which a soothing taste that lingers on

Lancelot 17 Years Old

(350ml/ 500ml/ 700ml)
Best-quality whiskey with the deep and pleasing aroma of long fermented Speyside malt, which will suits top business gatherings


Lancelot 21Years Old

A Scotch whiskey of clean and soothing taste and aroma that will tell the depth and quality of 21-year-old fermentation


Lancelot 30 Years Old

This Scotch whiskey with tender and rich flavor will the best companion to celebrate the highest and the most joyful moments of your life


1. More than 8,000 TEG-unique quality tests for every process

2. Fermented in sherry-oak barrels which were prepared by keeping sherry in oak barrels for two years and believed to be the highest-quality barrels

3. Lancelot whiskeys go through 6-month 'after-fermentation', which refreshes and softens the flavor

4. Lancelot, which follows the traditional brewing process of Scotch whiskey, is the fruit of collaboration between The Edrington Group and Hite

5. Lancelot whiskeys carry the pride of one of the best blending masters in Scotland

Lancelot is created by John Ramsey from Scotland, one of the best blending masters in the world. This Scotch whiskey embodies the expertise of John Ramsey that accumulated over several decades. Lancelot lives up to its reputation, "King of the Whiskey".