GAWON Corporation is conducting business in four specialized fields of Drink, Livestock, Defence Equipment, Semiconductor and so on with world's leading partners.

We provide the best quality products and services for customers in those fields, focusing on foreign exports with priority set to providing the customer-oriented quality products in this-ever changing global market. Our leading technology has been well recognized in Europe, in America as well as in Asia.


Nov. 10, 1994 Incorporated GAWON Corporation

Oct. 13, 1997 Joined as a member of the Korea International Trade Association (SKITA 11459538)

Jul. 12, 2000 Recognized as Venture Company (SMBA 2000112571-3976)

Apr. 19, 2001 Entered into the Import Business for Livestock sales
(KOREA 2-4-83)

Aug. 8, 2001 Entered into the Import & Export business for Beverage sales
(KOREA 215-2-00137)

Jul. 9, 2002 Entered into the Export Business for Defence Equipment sales
(KDM 02-56)

Nov. 26, 2003 Entered into the Import Business for Food sales
(SEOUL 03-1591)


GAWON Corporation has tried to develop new products and technologies in order to become one of the most notable global businesses acting on the base of fundamental rules and honesty.

Our staff contributes to welfare of the humankind with a sense of duty based on the open-minded business philosophy.

We look forward to serving your needs. Thank you.

President   Jea-Wan, Ryu